Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza differentiates itself with a deep crust that resembles a pie more than a flat pizza. Deep dish pizzas are baked in round pans, creating additional room for a thick and hearty layer of delicious toppings. For a traditional deep dish pizza, these toppings are then covered with a homemade, uncooked tomato sauce and dusted with Pecorino Romano cheese upon removal from the oven. For a “Native” style deep dish, we top the pizza with whole crushed tomatoes and finish with some dry oregano, an olive oil drizzle and Pecorino Ramano.

Most people confuse deep dish to have a really thick crust. In actuality, the crust itself should be just slightly thicker than a traditional flat pizza. At Hollywood Pies we hand-press ever single pie crust, unlike most others who use a dough sheeter. Due to the larger portion of toppings and uncooked sauce, deep dish pizza requires a longer cook time. Depending on how busy we are and the specifics of your order, it can take anywhere between 35-90 minutes to have your pies ready. Catering orders will take longer and vary depending on order size and day of the week. Pre-ordering is always recommended for all orders and available through our website and via telephone. Please do contact us directly for larger parties and catering requests by email at Info@Hollywoodpies.com.