Welcome to Hollywood Pies

Hollywood Pies was originally founded by an engineer whose Italian mother set a solid foundation for him to master his way around the kitchen. In 2011, that successful engineer left his steady position in San Diego, in pursuit of his passion for cooking, as well as bringing the most authentic Chicago style deep-dish to the west coast. Hollywood Pies had humble beginnings; a very simple commercial kitchen and a love for making delicious pizza. Before operating as a traditional storefront operation, we utilized a simple call in service and handed-off pizzas in the alley behind our closed-door kitchen, almost like a shady deal. Throughout the years, our pies have claimed a solid reputation and we have become a neighborhood staple with a cult-like following. Our deep dish pies are truly the best in town but don’t take our word for it.


Goals & Vision

At Hollywood Pies, our mission statement is simple: to provide you with the best Chicago style deep-dish pizza, west of the Windy City. Hollywood Pies has no “secret ingredient”. We have always used a little bit of science, the perfect crust, locally source high-quality ingredients, a home-made sauce which is prepared daily and custom butchered meats. Finally, we add some love. The final result is a pie that is often regarded by Chicagoans and all pizza fans, as the best deep-dish outside of Chicago. Our pizza’s are truly special but so are our customs and fans. Hollywood Pies could never be what it is today without it’s loyal and growing customer base. Making that recognition, we are consistently striving to bring you additional products choices, as well as ways to provide you with excellent and convenient service. Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy the delicious food that we love to make!